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2015-2016 Club Activities

Here is a list of the activites that we did in our club this year. Including practices, projects, and competitions.

Activity 1.1:

Logics, computer science, and programming problems

Activity 2.1:

Simple C programs: calculator, ordering numbers, and string analysis

Activity 2.2.1:

Introduction to programming concepts practice

Activity 2.2.2:

Introduction of C language practices

Activity 3.1

More practices with basics of C language

Activity 3.2

Practice with scanf statements and variables

Activity 4.1

Small individual C practices

Activity 4.2

Practices with if structure

Activity 5.1

Pointer practice

Activity 6.1

File I/O practice

Activity 6.2.1

Practice with loops (warm up for the project)

Activity 6.2.2

Project! Practice with everything we've done so far

Activity 6.2.3

(Optional) Extra practice with loops (a little challenging)

Activity 7.1

First project for Group 1! Individual project building a simple 2-player tic-tac-toe game

Activity 8.1

First group programming activity to Group 1 for warm up! Create a simple game with a partner to practice group programming

Activity 8.2

Sorting an array of numbers in ascending order with bubble method (array practice)

Activity 9.1

Group programming practice with file operations

Activity 9.2

Quick progress check for if-structure and loops

Activity 10.2

Tic-tac-toe project

Activity 10.2: Tic-Tac-Toe (Ideas and Hints)

Tic-tac-toe project ideas and hints, as well as an outline for the program

Progress Check 10.2

Progress check covering basics up until arrays

Progress Check 11.1

An optional survey for your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions to improve our club

Progress Check 11.2

Survey for your ideas on how the program (tic-tac-toe) of Activity 10.2 should be structured and outlining the program. A link to a slideshow with some ideas and hints for the project will appear when you submit

Activity 13.2

Practice for pointers

Activity 17.2

Practice for the file inclusion, macro definition, and conditional preprocessing preprocessors

Activity 18.2

Practice for structures

Activity 19.2

Group 2's first group project (five options)

Activity 21.2

Practice with file operations and I/O

Activity 24.2

A24 C Programming Competition problems

Activity 25.2

A25 Programming Competition problem

CPC Project Ideas Survey

Survey for your ideas on what to do for projects

2016 MPMS Programming Competition

The 2016 MPMS Programming Competition rules

2016 MPMS Programming Competition Problem

The 2016 MPMS Programming competition problem