Abacus is a tool that can help you to find important information in text. With Abacus, you can skip the long reading and get to the main points of the text.

How to Use

Text (or enter the URL of website below):

Or use the URL of website (best if selecting text will select other items on the page):

Topic: (Keyword or topic that your text is about, such as "pencil" or "Space Race"

How to Use

Abacus can help you to find the main points and sentences of an article. Copy and paste the article into the first box, and input a keyword or keywords above the line below. If your article is a website and copy and pasting copies other items on the page such as irrelevant text too, you can use the URL option. Copy the URL on the line provided and leave the text input box empty.

Click the "Results" button to see the results. There is already an example in the textbox, to see what it does, please input "Abacus" in the topic line and click on "Results".