Random Selector

The random selector program can help you to randomly select values from a range of numbers to given text. Select between the options below.

How to Use

To select a random number, enter the maximum value below (the program will generate a number between 1 and the max):

To select randomly from text, input the entries below (each entry should take up its own line):

How to Use

You can use this selector to generate random numbers or text. For example, you can tell it to generate a random number between 1 and 100, just input 100 on the line provided. You can tell it to select randomly from text by inputting text. For exapmle, in the example text above, it will select one randomly from the colors provided.

After the value is generated, you can generate another random number or text entry by clicking on the "Generate Again" button. By clicking on "Generate Again" when you have a text selection, the previous generated result will be excluded, therefore the same value won't be selected twice. You can reset this and select from all the values by clicking on the "Reset and Generate" button.