Quadratic Calculator

This Quadratic Calculator requires to be downloaded to be executed. The user inputs a quadratic equation, and it will provide the vertex and x-intercepts of the equation. The user can also use it to find an x-value given a y or vice versa. The program provides unrounded values by expressing them in fractional form and square roots.

How to Use


How to Use

Click the download link to download and run the application. Input the equation by putting the a, b, and c coefficients in fractional form. The program will print out the vertex and x-intercepts of this function (also in fractional form).

The application will allow you to find x, find y, or exit. To find an x-value, input the corresponding y. The program will print out 0, 1, or 2 matching x-values based on the y. To find a y-value, put in the x. The program will print out the result. To exit, simply put 'e' for exit.

Also note that since the program gives the x-intercepts of the function, it can help you to factor a quadratic expression. It cannot give you the direct factored expression, but you can use it to check your work. For example, y = 3x^2 + 10x - 8 which factors to y = (3x-2)(x+4), can be checked since the x-intercepts are (2/3, 0) and (-4, 0).