Programming Team

What we do

Welcome to the PCHS Programming Team! We will:


Everyone who is interested may join and participate in competitions. We take part in a wide variety of computer science contests with problems ranging from introductory-level programming to advanced algorithmic challenges; we are sure there is one that suits your own skill level.

All members are eligible to participate in most of the competitions (for example USACO, ACSL, and Google Code-In) and most of them are free. However, some competitions have limits on the number of teams a school can send. Other regional competitions may also have a registration fee. Visit the competitions page for more information about the competitions we plan to participate in.


Meetings are held on B halves of Mondays in room 2611. We don't have regular meetings scheduled. The date for an upcoming meeting will be posted on the main page shortly before the meeting and can also be found on the scrolling announcements.